Menlo Park’s Perfect Workout!

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Are you getting your ‘move on’? Or maybe you’re feeling too busy or too tired to bring exercise into your week, or promising to start next week, (week after week)? Well we at Homemade hear you and can certainly relate! We battle with the same challenges so we sent our ‘reporter’ (and Senior Cooking Instructor), Teresa Brown into Menlo Park’s Perfect Workout to find out what all the buzz is about. Here’s her scoop on Menlo Park’s best kept secret.

In the middle of Menlo Park sits an oasis of mystery – where only 20 minutes of working your muscles, twice a week, can feel good and completely transform your body and life! I was curious when I heard about it. I had not been to a gym for a while, so my first venture to visit the Perfect Workout was online. I was fascinated with the notion of slow, risk-free movement – this completely fits my desire of having more opportunity during the day to move my body, tone my muscles and practice being mindful and present! I gave a call and set up my first introductory session.

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