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The Homemade Method™ is the Easiest Cooking & Mindset System to Lose Weight - Without Dieting.

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To the Homemade Method™

This is not your new diet.

We teach you how to cook easy, healthy meals and gently reset your Mindset.

Our Members have cooked over 70,000 meals, lost tens of thousands of pounds, and reduced blood sugars, pressure & cholesterol - without dieting.

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The Homemade Method™ is right for you if:

Tired of dieting

Every time you look up there seems to be some new diet regime promising miracle results. If you are tired of the dieting treadmill – losing weight then gaining it all back again – then say goodbye to dieting and calorie counting for good. Lose weight without feeling like you are really trying using the Homemade Method™.

Desperate for a healthy change

If you are suffering from high cholesterol, blood sugars or blood pressure – then your Doctor’s mantra of ‘diet & exercise’ can be so demoralizing, when you have already tried everything under the sun. Take back control of your health and join hundreds of Homemade members who have improved their numbers and reversed their symptoms.

Moms & families

Being a Mom is hard enough without having to worry about what to put on the dinner table every night. Give your kids the best chance at developing a lifetime of healthy eating habits and a positive relationship with food by learning how to cook delicious, nourishing meals the whole family will love with the Homemade Method™.

Cooking for one

When you live a busy life & you’re cooking for one, the temptation to eat out can win over even the best of intentions. Learn to prepare quick, easy meals to reverse the ‘weight creep’ and be your best, healthiest self. We’ve included 5 minute meals & batch cooking options so you never need to get caught out again.

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The Homemade Method™ Results in 10 Weeks

Members tripled the amount
they cooked
at home

7 in 10 members
lost weight –
without dieting

Members lost on average 1 pound
per week –
up to 80 pounds in 6 mths

1 in 4 members
high blood pressure

1 in 4 members
high blood sugars

1 in 5 members
high blood cholesterol

*Results taken from surveys of 586 Homemade Cooking Class members in 2015 & 2016

The Homemade Method™:

A new way of cooking & eating,
so you can achieve your ideal weight & health – without dieting – for life.

Your starting point doesn’t matter. You just have to start.

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How The Homemade Method™ works (video).

The Homemade Method™ is trusted by Doctors.

7 Medical Clinics have referred patients to us.

“Homemade is enabling people to make healthier choices. What Homemade has created is inspiring.” Professor Gardner, School of Medicine & Preventative Health

“We are promoting this program to our patients in Primary Care.”

Dr. Chang, Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs

The Homemade Method™ is loved by our Members.

“Our results with Homemade: Simon lost 50 pounds, rarely has back pain, needs no medications for cholesterol, and stopped snoring completely. Our son, John lost 15 pounds, and I lost 15 pounds”. -Nina H

“My a1c blood sugars test dropped to where I am slowly getting to the 6 or below goal. My cholesterol numbers have dropped in the past 6 months because I have continued eating similarly to the class. My blood pressure is also down and I’ve dropped 11 lbs.” –Juan M

“With Homemade I don’t feel as stressed about what I’m eating. I cook it, I enjoy it and I move on. No calorie counting, journals, confessions, or guilt. My husband and I lost a combined 52 lbs.” –Wendy F, Chief Nursing Officer

The Homemade Method™ was created by
Stanford Founders, Nutritionists & Holistic Chefs.

Dr Chloe has a combined MD / MBA from Stanford University, with a Scholarly Concentration on Community Health. In 2009, Chloe was President of the Stanford Medical Students Association. Her speaking engagements have included National Kidney Foundation, Hewlett Packard, City of Menlo Park, BeWell & HIP at Stanford University, Washington Hospital, Food Summit 2013, Davita & many others. Chloe is a Member of the American College of Preventative Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Public Health, Nutrition & Diabetes Associations.

Anna has Masters Degrees from Stanford & UC Berkeley. Anna is a Fulbright Scholar, was the Australian Young Lawyer of the Year in 2008 and competed in National Ice Skating Championships for 4 years. Anna is a health coach, an author and a cooking instructor. She Founded the Homemade Method™, and has led workshops for Google Employees, Stanford Hospital & University Employees. Anna presented at the Food Summit in 2013, the [email protected] Conference in 2014 and the Berkeley Food Innovation Lab.

Join The Homemade Method™ members who have cooked over 70,000 meals and lost tens of thousands of pounds.

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