Get your smoothie on!

It’s easy to buy everything you need for your smoothies from organic and local health food stores or most supermarkets.  Try to buy your fruits and vegetables from farmers markets, small local stores or use a CSA delivery service, because they are more likely to be fresh and in season, which maximizes nutritional value and taste!

In case you prefer the convenience of shopping online, here are some vetted brands and products we recommend for your specialty smoothie ingredients and equipment.  Start with 3-4 items and build your pantry from there.

Specialty Smoothie Ingredients & Superfoods

Item Key uses Click on image below to shop online
Chia Seeds Great for smoothies, juice and breakfast puddings. A superfood full of fiber, protein, omega 3s
Psyllium husk Amazing source of soluble & insoluble fiber for digestive health, regular bowel movements
Whey Protein High quality protein, unflavored so no artificial sweeteners added
Raw Cacao Powder Use in smoothies, deserts and bars. Great for heart health, moods and balancing hormones.
Spirulina Antioxidant and phytochemical rich, supports heart health, lowers cholesterol, anti cancer
Acai Powder Anti-oxidants, heart health, anti-cancer, skin, immune booster
Almond milk Liquid base for smoothies
Soy milk Liquid base for smoothies
Coconut water Liquid base for smoothies

Smoothie equipment

Item Key uses Click on image below to shop online
Blender Blenders can help you to make smoothies, juices, bars & snacks which are super healthy and fast. There are cheaper models on the market (eg. Hamilton Beach) but this brand can handle anything you throw in it and seems indestructible. Lasts for years and worth the investment.
Nutribullet Easy to clean, perfect for making smoothies for one, and the small size means it can be conveniently taken to (and stored) at work for healthy snacks and meals
Measuring cup & spoon set Use for measuring out smoothie ingredients (from 1 tspn up to 1 cup). Or you can guestimate – smoothies are very forgiving!
Mason Jars Great for serving & transporting your smoothies for meals and snacks on the go. Large 16oz volume, set of 2, comes with lids and straws
Zip loc bags Use for freezing pre-made smoothie bags (minus liquid), and for storing and transporting smoothie bags to work We recommend sandwich sized bags, in the ziploc brand, available from your local supermarket